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Orchestral Reductions of Opera Scores for Hire
Pocket Publications

About Us

Pocket Publications is an independent music library which specialises in opera and vocal material. We hire out sets in both full and reduced orchestration, and also have a large catalogue of choral and purely orchestral music. We have been supplying professional and amateur organisations for 15 years. We are an experienced company and used to dealing with unusual and varied requests.

Tony Burke

Tony studied the horn at the Royal College of Music, and worked for 20 years as a player which included 18 years in the orchestra of ENO. He then worked as arranger and copyist, then moved to Cardiff as music librarian with WNO, and here started Pocket Publications. In 2005, he left WNO to concentrate exclusively on Pocket Publications.

Diana Painter

Diana studied the violin at the RCM, and then did a music degree at Cardiff University. After university, she went into retail management, but always wanted to return to the world of music. With Pocket Publications Diana deals with the preparation of the orders such as making sure that the sets sent out are in good condition, and she deals with all the customer accounts.

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